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East London Escorts

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From all of The City's sub regions, East London is the most massively populated, with a number of, roughly, two million people. It is known for its large cultural diversity, vibrant night club scene and for being the home of the „Cockney Rhyming Slang” dialect. It's also made famous internationally by the very popular EastEnders BBC TV series.

During the afternoon, visiting the Horniman Museum and Gardens is always an inspired idea. It has an abundant range of collections of over 350.000 objects in total.

One other attraction you must not miss is the Tower Bridge. Finished in 1894, this is one of London's most iconic landmarks. Climb the stairs to the top and onto the walkway for a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

During the evening, set a meeting with your London escort at Jaimie's Italian, owned by the most famous chef in the world, Jaimie Oliver. Order the Lobster al Forno dish along with a bottle of Chianti Rufina Riserva red win and experience a top-class delectation of your senses. As for dessert, the Chocolate, Pear and Honeycomb Pavlova certainly are delicious choices.

If house and electronic music uncontrollably makes your body move and your head nod, then the Ministry of Sound night club is the place to be. Let yourself loose to the sounds of some of the most popular DJ's alive.

Take the party to the Holiday Inn Express London – Stratford hotel the most amazing hotel in East London. In the intimacy of your room, feel the warmth of her body next to yours as you reach the heights of ecstasy. Remember: there is no such thing as excess when it comes to sex.